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Utility marketing takes this one step further by focusing more on the specific needs of the target audience. For example,

it could be a mobile app that helps the user plan healthier meals, built by a grocery store chain.
it could be a quick financial wrap up report delivered via email from a fi Read More
Just like an airplane, minus the masks, your website requires successful cross checking before take off. Your web developer knows a lot. But, they only know as much about your business as you tell them. The good ones do their research but they still need the inside story.

It is your job in this Read More
In a previous post, Why Video on the Web, I outlined the reasons why a business should be using video on their website:

Because research shows we can’t resist another human face talking to us
We remember and understand things better when presented in audiovisual media
Video concentrates and fo Read More
A few days ago I was watching a Sunday talk show. A representative of one of the presidential campaigns was asked about their ideas for fixing the economy. His response? “We have a lot of ideas and they are all on our website at” Wrong answer.

A better response would hav Read More
We’ve discussed the importance of design, navigation and usability. We’ve talked about the role of content and audience in SEO. But there is one piece missing in this series about what makes a good website… conversion – getting the target user to take the desired action.

To paraphrase Alec Baldw Read More
So far in this series we’ve discussed website design, navigation and usability. These are all very important. But what if no one finds your site???

Your website needs visitors in order to be successful. And those people need to be the right type of visitors if you hope to achieve your conversion Read More
We’ve discussed design and navigation so far in our series What Makes a Good Website. We know that design still plays a major role in the effectiveness of a website and we know that a website needs navigation.

With these two elements in play you would assume that the site is user friendly. All i Read More
This article is an excerpt from an interview that Adam Churchill had with Josh Clark. You can hear the full interview on their podcast or read their transcript.

Adam Churchill: Last month Josh Clark, author of the book “Tapworthy,” joined us for a virtual seminar on mobile design. It was called Read More
August marks our 10th anniversary. Before we started Wood Street, we were all working in the web design and development industry at other companies. Through these years, one thing has remained constant…

In the information age, those who provide useful information trump those who shill.

Before Read More
Today, consumers have thousands of channels to get their info/entertainment from. It’s called the internet. With intelligent search engines and social channels available to them, consumers can hunt down the content they want about a product or service, when they want to consume it and in the form t Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!