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In the last post in this series, “What Makes a Good Website”, we talked about the importance of design. I want to revisit this sentence…

Navigating a website is a process that is rarely linear in nature.

This is so important to understand. No single user will navigate through your website the Read More
It’s simple; Moving pictures and sound have main lines to our brains. Reading text based media takes effort and is, unfortunately, generational.

While I or my spouse may like the morning paper with our coffee, our twenty something sons go online with tablets and phones to get the daily info wit Read More
No matter what the latest and greatest tools are in the outer areas of the wheel, your website is always the focus. Assuming that your website is a tool that you need to succeed online, shouldn’t it look good, function well and convert a visitor to a client?

Design still matters. The look of you Read More
When most marketers think about mobile marketing, they often think about “apps”. While for some businesses apps may be great opportunities, there are certainly many organizations where an app might not be the best way to market with mobile.

Here are three BIG mobile marketing opportunities ofte Read More
Responsive Design, the coding technique making one design work across multiple platforms – web, mobile, tablet – is gaining traction in our industry and rightfully so. With smart phones and tablets, users are accessing their information on the go and on a variety of different devices.

But what i Read More
When launching any marketing initiative – web design, mobile landing page, print campaign, social media marketing – it is always important to know your customer. This applies to any type of organization or business. For example:

An international association – marketing for support, membership an Read More
Have you ever needed some information and all you had was your smartphone? You Google the topic, find a link to a site that looks promising, click on it and…

You can’t read the text.
The links are so tightly grouped that you don’t know what you will get when you tap one.
The images are tiny. I Read More
Editorial calendars have always had an important place in social media. But now that companies are morphing into social businesses and more people within the organization are getting involved with social media, editorial calendars have become an absolute necessity.

More social media outreach con Read More
What about Mobile - Part Seven – Mobile the Wrong Way and Mobile Marketing the Right Way

In the final installment of our series, we discuss examples of the right way and wrong way to use:

QR Codes
Mobile Apps
SMS (Text Message Marketing)
Geo-Location (FourSquare, Gowalla, etc) Read More
Folks like to see pictures. I visited Dubai last summer and watched a lot of videos and saw a lot of pictures as we were planning our visit. We chose the hotel after seeing the pictures and also the activities we wanted to do while we were there. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!