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After you have established a clear vision about your goals and targets, you can now take action on it. You cannot get to your business goals unless you have exerted a corresponding goal to compensate its success. Configure the things you need to do, although some of your vision may somehow vague; drive action on whatever is clear yet. You will get Read More
Probably the most boring and tedious part of running a business is keeping track of earnings, expenses and maintaining "the books". For me personally, I hate tallying up the numbers and documenting all of my expenditures, mileage etc... Hell, I have enough problems making sure that my checking account is balanced every month! But over the past f Read More
Starting a small business means risking an amount of money to compensate for the cost of start up. You will be facing a lot of challenges ranging from marketing strategies to business plan to goal settings. You will be risking all these elements because these involve your time and effort. At the top of this, you surely would not want to loss your m Read More
Another gem from MC Hammer is that perception is oftentimes more important than reality. Francine from Stealthmode puts it best when she says, “Tweeting that you are getting drunk changes the perception of who you are [and could] take away the value of an endorsement.” Even though you want to seem authentic , you do have to be mindful of the perso Read More
Many of the theories on basic motivation concepts have demonstrated reasonably strong predictive value. How does a manager concerned with motivating employees apply these theories. I can really relate to this because I already have experienced how it is to be working and yet your are unhappy. What really causes that unhappiness is when your views, Read More
Few customers know what that means. But as a promotional effort, the strategy has worked -- primarily because the strategy itself is interesting, which makes for a good local news story, which generates publicity and traffic. Read More
Brand loyalty is one of the functions of brand-building and marketing. Developing brand loyalty is not easy because it involves having a great product that people will stand the test of time as well as effective brand management. Effective brand management involves ensuring that the brand does not become passé and that it remains the answer to p Read More
A shift has taken place in corporate marketing strategy. If your brand, company or organization is like many others, you've moved away from traditional marketing strategies and are now focusing on strengthening your online efforts. Social media and e-mail campaigns, in particular, have both seen tremendous growth in recent years. Although we tend Read More
I think too many people are focused on the "push" aspects of social media right now. Creating blogs. Producing videos. Sending out tweets. Updating Facebook pages. Launching radio podcasts. Add it all up and this turns out to be a lot of work that needs to get done and every entrepreneur I talk to tells me they don't have enough time to be do Read More
...Content! A "BtoB Magazine" study shows that 66 percent of marketers use social media; that's up from just 20 percent in 2007. The adoption is exciting, but it's scary to think about all the "marketing" that is coming out of it. Having just completed Search Engine Strategies and the ClickZ/Online Marketing Summit track, I realize more tha Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!