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I watched a webinar replay that Mark Hoverson made for July 4th, which is the USA independence day, a little history lesson here, but no, I wont be talking about the history of USA, you can read it on Wikipedia, if you like, but I will be talking about independence, financial independence that is. Read More
I’m doing video marketing for quite some time now and to boost the results that I’m getting I started using a free service called OneLoad which spreads your videos across the web. I have used that service a long long time ago so, I had all those account already set up, but for some reason my Veoh a Read More
I was watching Game Of Thrones again. Yeah I know I know that’s not the first blog I start with these words, but what can you do to me, huh? So, as I was saying I was watching Game Of Thrones and there was a scene of Tyrion Lannister talking with Lord Varys, don’t worry I wont spoil the scene, thou Read More
Probably the worst thing that you can think off to do for your Facebook fanpage is to buy likes. When I say buy likes I don’t mean advertise on Facebook, but I mean Fiverr Gigs or all those other websites that sell Facebook likes, they are usually credit based where you like other people fanpages, Read More
Product review sites have been a very popular internet marketing strategy. People were even buying domains and building separate blogs for a single product launch. Now, I see less and less of them these days, but you can still find them for the biggest launches that happen. The goal of these sites Read More
I continue my series of answering search queries of my blog and today what I got is how to monetize content curation sites. Now, what is content curation? In this information age there’s just too much content out there, thousands of videos, articles, audios are created every single day and there’s Read More
Haven’t shot a single video these past two days and I feel kinda bad for it, but at the same time I didn’t feel like shooting one today either. Was having a blast this weekend, had put my business on the side a bit and now after a good rest I try to get back into the flow and start creating value a Read More
If you are following the internet marketing news then you should probably have read an article or two about the latest Google update Penguin 2.0, but if not in short it was a huge update that fights spammy, unnatural baclinking practices, it penalized a lot of sites that were building backlinks and Read More
I was watching Game Of Thrones again and as always I found some golden nuggets of knowledge there and wanted to share it with you and if you recall the last two lessons that I gave you from the Game Of Thrones about having your mind sharp and knowing who you are all those conversations involved Jon Read More
I started my journey of looking for ways how to make money online after I read a book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, it was a complete mindset changer, it changed tons of my old beliefs about life in a matter of days. I realized that the earth has an abundance of resources Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!