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With this blog post I will try to even out the scales between SEO experts and you. I will do that by revealing the meaning of the most commonly used SEO terms. When you learn the language of SEO it becomes so much easier to understand it and once you understand it there’s no chance an SEO company w Read More
So, you want to start a blog?

Alright, I will teach you how to do that.

Firstly, you should know that there are different types of blogs that you can start, but you want to choose the right type.

What’s the right type?

Hold on mate, let’s take a second to cover the wrong type of blogs. Read More
Since I was a kid I was interested in writing books.

I remember writing silly little stories, drawing illustrations for them and then forcing my parents to read them.

I was particularly inspired by Harry Potter when I was in second grade and that lead me to writing at least 20 to 30 pages of Read More
Starting a blog is frustrating. No matter how good your content is nobody reads it.

So, how do you attract readers?

The key is to build a small audience before you start your blog. There are several ways how to do that, but one of the most effective strategies is guest blogging. Read More
Because of that, I use several different tools and strategies that help me uncover the mistakes and tangled up sentences. I hope these hacks will be useful to you even if you are a native speaker. Read More
You’re in big trouble if you fail to take action!

Google has given 8 weeks to prepare for the coming of a possibly new animal. Yes, Google is planning on releasing a new update and it’s likely to be massive, but there’s no need to be afraid if you are reading this because there’s still time to p Read More
I have read a ton of blog posts about increasing the loading speed of a WordPress Blog. Most of the times I implemented only one or two simple techniques to get some benefits and in the end my blog probably loads at an average speed and I didn’t have any problems with that.

Though recently I fou Read More
I remember before buying my new smartphone I spent a lot of time on the internet researching different phones, reading about their characteristics, but the place where I spent the most time was YouTube.

Yes, reading about the product, will give you all the facts, but seeing the product in a vide Read More

SEO For Bloggers

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I started blogging when Search Engine Optimization(SEO) was simple. All you had to do was create content, stuff it with keywords and to amplify it, build some backlinks from around the web. Pretty straight forward, but it quickly started to change. Read More
I have been a member on Fiverr for many years, don't even care to count, but I was only using it to order an occasional service, some backlinks, more backlinks and then again backlinks.

Not that long ago I started looking for ways to make some money using freelancing. I registered to all the pop Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!