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Not that long ago I wrote about why you shouldn’t worry too much about the new Gmail tabs, Gmail tabs is still a buzz topic on the internet marketing communities and it’s getting clearer what kind of effect does it have for email marketing. Some big companies are reporting around 2% decrease in the Read More
Sorry, but today I don’t have the time to write a long blog post, but as always everything is in the video. Today, in the video I talk about which method is better to monetize your list is it solo ads or is it affiliate marketing. A short answer would be to try them both and test out which one earn Read More
I found an interesting statistic browsing the internet that a 1 second increase in loading speed decreases your website’s conversion rate by 7% so, for every 1 second that your blog takes to load your conversion rate drops by 7%. This says only one thing, you need to speed up your blog as much as p Read More
Today, I got an email from a reader of mine asking for advice how she could improve her blog and start making money from it. I actually shot a video of me browsing her blog ( and giving advice how it could be improved. The first thing that seemed strange was that she said that she Read More
Building an online business is hard and frustrating. The beginning is a real struggle and it is hard to keep your motivation up. Still, once you get it, you can put up an easy plan that you can follow to keep your business growing, but it’s hard, if you don’t get it. Read More
Most of the people go and start their online businesses, because they want freedom, to go on vacations, to quit their jobs so, they could stop slaving away. This is the beauty of an online business that you can very easily automate it and have a lot of freedom and still make money. Read More
The traditional approach of building a list is to offer some sort of free gift as a bribe to get the email addresses of your visitors, the gift is targeted to the audience that you want to sell to. The easiest type of gift to create is a PDF report, some may argue, but the process of creating a rep Read More
Blogging is actually very hard and it’s not for everybody, it takes a lot of time and effort to start seeing traffic flowing into your blog and even more time and effort until you start generating enough traffic to start generating leads and even more until you start generating consistent sales. Read More
Gmail is slowly launching a new function across all the gmail accounts, just like they always do, testing out with small groups, the new function is tabs. Gmail allows to put the emails that you receive into separate tabs for example private, social and the one that has caused a lot of buzz in the Read More
I struggle starting my blog posts in a unique way, it feels that I keep reusing the same old lines over and over and yet I haven’t started a blog posts like this so, mission accomplished. Anyways, I found a promotion online for this program called Lead Skimmer got intrigued and tried to join it, bu Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!