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Let’s face it: Female entrepreneurs have enough to do, so let’s start by un-complicating the systems we use to get business done. You can’t try every new thing or you’ll get stuck in FOMO (fear of missing out) thinking when it comes to fancy new tools. But if you’re avoiding implementing a CRM, you Read More
Marketing buzz today is all about user experience, and with good reason. Is your website design both beautiful and functional? Read More
Using metrics to drive the creative work of marketing and sales in order to give customers what they want. Read More
Never has the connection between a brand and its customers been stronger than it is these days, thanks to social media. By opening up another channel of communication with your customers, you stand to get to know them even better, and can deliver exactly what they want. Here’s how you can ride the Read More
Customer resources are a valuable asset - they build trust and authority, boost SEO, and are a great source of info for customers. Are your resources up to par?
Read More
Nobody wants to waste time in multiple brainstorming meetings to come up with just a few watered-down ideas. Planned carefully, your next mastermind session can produce several pieces of content. Spread that varied content across channels to maximize the return on your mastermind session. Read More
Social signals are information you can glean what customers share on social media. Do you know how to interpret social signals...and what to do with the info? Read More
While you understand the need and value of a blog, implementing one might seem a little overwhelming to a busy SMB owner.
How can you consistently create great content to please your existing customers and attract (and convert) new visitors? There’s no formula for success, but there are plenty of Read More
B2B and B2C marketing have plenty in common. They both have the same ultimate goal—to entice a person or a company to purchase a product or service.

The key difference is the needs and motivation of the B2B and B2C customer and market. Using the same approach with both audiences is not always ef Read More
Simply knowing how to add a product or service offering to your current customer base isn’t enough to guarantee success. It takes hard work, just like the first launch, except this time you have traction–brand awareness and recognition–to factor into the equation. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!