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If you are going to run a social media marketing campaign, then you have to follow some steps to run it successfully. So curious what are those steps? TheNextScoop creates a historic infographic that explains some of the great points. Read More
Though there is no definite rule for serving your customers. But, you still need the right methods to run it properly. This article sheds light on some of those effective and proven methods to run your customer service for achieving results.… Read More
Email still remains one of the primary means of communication between people and brands. And the good news is that, according to data, it remains one of the effective ones too with impressive ROI and engagement. Read More
If you have anything near a long-term customer relationship goal for your eCommerce business, offering an exceptional customer service can help you acquire and retain customers. If so then must look at 10 rules for maximizing your e-Commerce customer service In 2017 Read More
A successful white paper needs to address the right problems, engage the reader with persuasive language, and incorporate visual elements to accommodate research. Let’s take a closer look to gain a better understanding of how these key points can make or break your white paper. Read More
Want to know what you have been doing wrong with your website, you might be wondering how you can gain authentic leads for your website. Well, in this post, we will focus on how Live Chat-enabled websites can help you get what you want for your business, and quickly, too. Read More
Read my opinion on why investing in social media marketing is good for business. If so then What should be ROI? How to measure ROI of social media efforts? For all, here is an answer... Read More
Understand the Psychology of Customer Service. Here are some of the things to be learned by studying the human mind, behaviour, and its functions Read More
Starting a business is not such a big deal. But managing the process for a long time is the primary challenge for every small business or startup.So curious what are those challenges? do check here Read More
How live chat has intrigued more to do with the long-term automation of chat functions, and the future of chat bots. And a few of the stats below will show why:
There's a right way to chat, and a wrong way. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!