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How can you generate more sales online, and increase your web site's sales conversion? Improve your copywriting! A personal endorsement is a great place to start this strategy. Here are details on using a compelling personal endorsement to sell more product online. Read More
Are you keeping up on Twitter? Here are the latest good tweets I've sent. These are 9 of the best social media and online marketing related links I've found this week, packaged up for easy clicking just for you! Read More
My new book, e-Riches 2.0, is about online marketing. Chris Brogan loves it. Or does he? In this response VIDEO I explain my approach to making money online and why e-Riches 2.0 is the best guide to modern online and social media marketing. Read More
Wouldn't YOU like to be interviewed on the radio or on podcasts? Being a guest on talk radio shows can make you look an expert and give a big boost to your credibility (and sales!). is a free new strategy for finding podcasts and radio shows that want to book YOU as a guest. I started the site as part of the research for m Read More
With all the people on Twitter today, how do you find the "right" ones to follow? Here are 4 easy ways to identify and follow Tweeple who will be valuable to your business online. Read More
The rules are changing on Twitter. Your marketing use of the new tool should change, too. But if you listen to many Twitter gurus, they are still giving you advice from last year. Twitter moves too fast for that! Here are updates on how I use Twitter effectively for my business, and you can, too. Read More
Most marketing advice focuses on recruiting new customers and increasing traffic. But that's difficult and expensive! Increasing your customer sales conversion rate can improve your profits with inexpensive changes to your web site. Read this to learn how to generate more revenues from existing customers. Read More
Want to learn how to put Twitter to use for your business marketing? Learn the latest strategies as Scott Fox interviews Joel Comm about his new book, Twitter Power. A free MP3 podcast download from Scott Fox's E-Commerce Success Show at Read More
The number of links in to your web site from other sites is a critical factor in improving search engine rankings. Here's how you can help improve your SEO strategy by checking your backlinks easily, quickly (and for free!) on Google and Yahoo. Read More
A special report about free search engine optimization techniques that can improve your web site's search engine rankings. 70+ pages of detailed guidance to help anyone new to SEO learn how to attract more search engine traffic. Note: the SEO techniques detailed in the report are free but the report is part of a subscription program by Scott Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!