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Checklist: How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Service for Your Business

The best email marketing services help you grow your business cost-effectively. By automating your email marketing outreach to new and former customers, email newsletters are the best way to build relationships Read More
Carpal tunnel syndrome can hurt your wrists, arms, and even neck.

If you work on the PC like I do, you want an easy solution to help your often aching forearms and painful wrists.

Watch this quick video to see the trackball mouse that I recommend. This inexpensive office tool can relieve yo Read More
The school system is designed to train you to work for someone else. But Scott Fox thinks you can do better.

What are you doing TODAY to advance your dreams and find success in the modern economy? Watch this short "Success Sermon" video to learn why I believe you can do better and the first ste Read More
I have 10 domain names registered but do not know which one to choose. Do I pick the domain name that's the easiest to remember, the easiest to spell, the one that might be the best for SEO, or???

If you don't have a strong "gut" inclination about which domain name to use, Scott Fox recommends Read More
Radio Guests: If you are a podcaster, or a small market radio station or local TV show, you'd probably like to know how to get better guests and experts and authors to interview on your program. helps you find better guests for your radio, TV, or podcast talk shows.

Watch Read More
Have you noticed this annoying trend lately? It's driving me crazy!

Watch this short (2 minutes) video for my first ever Click Millionaires "Etiquette Tip". (You might even call this video a rant!)

Thanking a person "in advance" is presumptuous, rude and lazy. The insincerity that this kind of fake gratitude spreads bugs me and I hope you'll help me stamp out this evil habit.
Read More
Are you listening, open to change, and ready to take action. That's not you - or is it?

Are you open to learning new things? Do you have the mindset and commitment for success? Are you going to just talk or are you ready to take action to move your business and your life forward?

Watch this short video to learn how I would like to help you to succeed, online and off. This clip is another Success Sermon video from Read More
The best niche keywords are difficult to find, especially if your web site is in a competitive industry niche.

There are many expensive keyword research tools, but are they worth the money? So how much keyword research is enough? How many key words do you need and what is the best keyword research tool today?

Watch this video for my suggestions on a simple way to solve niche keyword research problems and how to optimize SEO keywords for your web site, too. Read More
This free podcast of the Click Millionaires Success Show brings you more helpful business-building info based on your questions:

- How to make money with Banner Ads, including my 4 Levels of Advertising Strategy
- The easiest way how to start a Contest web site
- Are SEO Consultants worth the trouble?
- How to write a Privacy Policy without paying for lawyer
- The quickest marketing improvement strategy EVER
- How your differences can help you succeed online (finally!)
and more...

Listen to this free Click Millionaires Podcast show now or download a free MP3 file at http:/ Read More
How much does building a web site cost?

If you're looking for the most cost-effective web site building options for you, this Ask Scott Fox video can help.

Watch this short video for my answer including the costs of free web site hosting services Wordpress, Weebly, and Blogger, plus the costs of paid web site builders like Typepad, Wix, Citymax, and more.

These are all cost-effective web site building hosting services you can use to start a new web site business online. There are LOTS of web site building services out there today.

If you would like more e-business help, join for more expert online marketing advice and personal coaching from best-selling author and e-commerce expert, Scott Fox Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!