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Google made some important changes to Place Pages last week, including a more focused approach to showing what your customers think in reviews. Every business loves to see happy customers write good reviews, unsolicited. But you’re likely to get far better results if you go a step further and ASK Read More
If you follow anything about marketing or technology, you’ve probably heard about Google+. The new social media channel, released to a limited invitation-only trial on June 28, has taken the tech world by storm. Since there are plenty of news stories – and Google itself — to explain the new featu Read More
For numbers to be useful in marketing, they must be related to goals and must be understood in the context of the underlying business. Here are three examples from companies who have a numbers story to tell. Read More
Words are the currency of the Web. With over 40 billion indexed pages, the web has more words than most people can fathom, and in fact, leaves most of us overwhelmed. With all the noise of people talking, bloggers publishing, forums commenting, social media sharing – how can you, one small busine Read More
Marketing is all about creating awareness and generating leads. You may be using PPC, SEO and social media to bring visitors to your website, but what do they do when they get there? Your website's job is to turn those visitors into qualified leads and customers. Is your site up to the task? Read More
Marketing your business has always been about creating awareness and generating leads. In the world of online marketing, the goals are no different. Your web presence can be your primary vehicle for creating awareness and generating leads. And better yet, you can test, measure and continually im Read More
On April 12, Microsoft announced its Bing Business Portal, competitor to Google Place Pages for small businesses. The handful of small business bloggers who wrote “Complete Guides” are the real heros. Here's why. Read More
Are you drowning in the firehose of information coming to you via Twitter, Facebook and other social media? If you’re an organized person, like I am, the onslaught of constant input from social media can feel overwhelming. I couldn’t get my social media life organized till I found Hootsuite. I m Read More
In a world of information overload, the attention will soon turn to those who can help us make sense of it and bring the cream to the top. Build a reputation as a trusted content curator in your line of business and your audience will return again and again. Read More
As useful as Google Analytics is, not every online marketer uses it to its full potential. That’s why we compiled a list of the top-5 hidden features. These little-known items can take your GA experience to the next level. They can also boost your performance in traffic generation, conversion optim Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!