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Why is patient-centric marketing so vital to healthcare businesses in today’s digital world? Because personalized marketing that really taps into what patients care about and need is an effective means of not only retaining existing patients, but of attracting new ones dissatisfied with the service Read More
Which is better? Writing for SEO or writing for real readers? Quick fix SEO methods might temporarily bring you more visitors, but are those visitors turning into customers? Are you actually turning away potential new customers before they even see what your site is all about? When search engine op Read More
Live chat programs are becoming increasingly popular for online businesses. It has tangible benefits that include boosting the number of visitors who become clients of your business; increasing client confidence that your products and services will match exactly what they need and saving you on the Read More
SEO has become the lifeblood of online businesses, but it can seem like a monster that is impossible to tame. However, you don’t have to feel intimidated or confused by SEO, especially if you understand three of the most essential terminology that can help drive your search rankings up. These three Read More
Hiring a marketing firm is one of the keys to helping your business grow. But because so much digital marketing is specialized, many marketing firms work with clients remotely. That just means that you have to be more vigilant in clearly communicating your goals to ensure that your entire team is o Read More
One of the biggest, and somehow sneakiest, developments on the modern Internet is the growing use of voice search. As more people take advantage of the voice features of their mobile devices and tablets, the concepts of search and SEO are changing. Surprisingly though, many online industries have b Read More
In part one of our series on taking advantage of Pokemon Go to help market your business, we got into the basics of the game and how you can find out if you’re in any of the special, and high traffic, areas of the in-game world. In part two we’ll continue by showing you how to take advantage of the Read More
Pokemon Go has created one of the biggest trends in gaming history. Here we’ll tell you what the game is all about, how you can figure out the best way to capitalize on the craze yourself, and even some tips for marketing to the absolutely massive number of Pokemon players. Read More
A high traffic website is worthless if you can’t convert your visitors into leads, and eventually customers. Getting visitors to give up their contact information can be tricky business. But don’t despair! There is plenty that you can do to boost your conversions and turn more of your website visit Read More
Marketing and search engine optimization have become so intertwined that they are practically inseparable. No longer two distinct things, planning a marketing campaign means planning a search strategy as well. To make things more difficult, a lot has changed over the years regarding what does or do Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!