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Do you have a way of developing new ideas for the startup business, you would always like to build? In this document, Sean O'Malley presents, an idea generation model and some techniques for anyone wants to create new business ideas! Read More
Bullet Journal is a paper-based productivity tool that can help you organize more efficiently your workload and your workflow. Read More
An excellent video of Simon Sinek on TED focused on how leaders inspire action and loyalty to their followers. A video, worth watching! Read More
Today is important to have the right tools for doing our work. The Business Model Canvas, is a such tool aiming at the modelling of new business and startups. Read More
We are, today in a cross-road. It is the time for change in personal & business doings. We have to choose our next path, carefully. See why. Read More
Time management does has nothing to do with time! But it has a lot of doing with priorities. Here is an other approach for manage time, based on choice management and accountability. Read More
We live in very interesting times when new business realities and approaches have come into existence! Our business models have changing, along with our ways of doing and manipulate things. But the most interesting thing is, that along our way of doing day-to-day business, a new substratum it seems Read More
The book, The Start-Up of You presents some powerful ideas about how we can manage our career effectively in order to achieve our goals. A must read! Read More
Is there something common among Kendo, Flow & Productivity. Is there something interlink them. And if yes how can be used? Take a look at this approach. Read More
A monthly round up for interesting posts published in Takis Athanassiou Blog in August 2013.

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I hope, that may be of interest and goo Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!