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The Business Initiative @Business was developed by my need, to have a second point of presence online! Its function is to provide an extra platform for the messages I’d like to convey to the community I serve! It is another “outlet“ for plugging in my creative flows in directions I haven’t yet full Read More
One of the projects I am active lately is the development of a new point of online presence! The reasons for this decision are many, but basically I needed a new, “fresh“, site as a second base of operations for my activities! This is the Business Initiative @Business site and its developing was, n Read More
As you probably may be aware, by sporadic postings and links I have published at some social media networks, over the past 3-4 months I’m developing a new (online) point of presence! A new point of online presence is not something you develop without proper thinking! The reasons for that are many! Read More
I had a terrible quarrel the other day with a friend insist that his team haven’t followed his lead! I ask him “How come?” and he reply that lately his associates “demonstrate” a more free-will tendency from the one he was able to allow to his stuff! I reply to him, why that was so bad and he told Read More
e-Learning market is a vast market today (the international e-learning market is expected to reach to the amount of $107 billion by the year 2015). In this market, you need the right ideas, the appropriate methodologies and the correct tools to do your job! Ideally you need the right e-Learning Sys Read More

Ideas Factory

Ideas Factory - Avatar Posted by tathan under Strategy
From 2311 days ago
I remembered last night, some long tedious brainstorming sessions in my previous work, trying to find out solutions to some specific problems for adding value to the existing projects.

It was difficult discussions and an even more tiresome procedure, as a whole, held informally, about once a mon Read More
A well-tuned company or organization is one that all the required functions performed without a friction! But usually is not so! There are many things that can cause a major harm in the image of your company. There are also things, your clients never going to forgive you for! Especially today in t Read More
Writing is a difficult process, per se! It is not easy to be confronted by an empty space (or screen) trying to find your tempo and rhythm while you have run out of ideas! But it is more difficult when you’re writing for e-Learning purposes. In e-learning and instructional design, you should be pro Read More
Not long ago, Nicolae Tanase, founder of Excellence Reporter asked me to share some thoughts about the “Meaning of Life” project!

The task was simple and include the answer to just one question: “What is the meaning of life?“.

Here is my answer!

From here, I would also like to thank Nicola Read More

Your Next Move

Your Next Move - Avatar Posted by tathan under Strategy
From 2365 days ago
I was on the road, again, in a small cafe, reading my notes for my next meeting. In an odd moment, my eyes gaze to the surrounding trying to catch a moment of relax. Unconsciously I start observing the people around me, trying to focus at what I had to do next. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!