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Ideas aren’t everything when it comes to starting your own company. We’ve heard about plenty of pivots where founders entirely changed what they’re working on. But a great idea certainly makes starting out a lot easier and, after whatever pivot you need to make, you still have to have some concept Read More
What do you do when you’re running your own business, but you can’t take part in the networking events and opportunities that everyone else in your field is using to build up a business? For different reasons, there are plenty of people who wind up in that position.

Think about the number of ent Read More
This weekend, I roasted a lamb in my backyard. I bought a keg. I invited a ton of friends — and told them to bring their friends, too. It was an epic-level shindig. We’re not precisely sure how many people wandered through over the course of the day, but we think attendance hit at least fifty. I do Read More
Being able to hold a meeting when the attendees are scattered all over the globe has changed the face of business. You can take on international clients or choose manufacturers in other countries with relative ease. You don’t even need to calculate the long-distance charges anymore: with cloud-base Read More
Francine Hardaway is the founder of Stealthmode Partners, an accelerator for entrepreneurs based in Arizona. The other titles on her resume include several versions of ‘founder’, as well as manager of Intel’s global press relations. Hardaway is a serial entrepreneur who recognized the value of tech Read More
What’s one tip you have for keeping startup costs under control in the early stage of a new company? Read More
If you’re employed while you’re working on a project on the side — whether it’s a full-fledged startup or something smaller — you need to make sure that your employer doesn’t actually wind up owning what you build.
Read More
So let’s imagine a scenario: you’re a developer, I’m an MBA graduate. Somewhere, somehow we meet — share a beer and an awkward silence, then stumble onto an idea for the next [fill in the blank]. We decide to form a business. A few weeks pass. You’re churning out code by the bucket load. I’m fiddli Read More
Right now, we’re seeing an incredible leap in the number of entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world. The internet makes it possible for a knitter in Estonia to sell her wares through Etsy, a web developer in India to sell his services though Elance and a board game designer in the U.S Read More
Typically a startup doesn’t have any money to worry about until the founders land an investor, making it easy to ignore taxes and other finances until you’re trying to put together numbers for those same investors. Then you can wind up with that same under-the-gun feeling that you get when you’re t Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!