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I’ve published ebooks before, usually for a set price, but this was a very different experience. In short, I learned quite about what to expect in terms of a response from these ebooks. Read More
If it hasn't already happened, it's coming: one of your employees is going to ask you if they can telecommute. The possibility of employees working remotely is something that is better to think about before the question comes up, rather than scrambling in the moment. Read More
You might think that contractors will take on any jobs they can land, but there are certain qualities that freelancers look for in their clients. If you can't offer up these qualities, you may not be able to hire the best freelancers for your projects. Read More
A higher tax bracket is a good thing. It’s not something to be avoided. Higher tax brackets, though, are evidence that you’re doing something right. Here are five reasons for that simple fact. Read More
Recessions are the perfect time to start a business: FedEx, Microsoft, Burger King and even GE were started during the recessions the U.S. has experienced over the years Read More
Maintaining a blog with new and exciting posts every day gets tedious. Finding topics and writing about them in a compelling way, that is different from all the bloggers out there can become a full time job and, for many writers, is their biggest challenge Read More
A lot of productivity advice seems to concentrate on making ever more elaborate lists. The thing is, writing a list isn’t some magic bullet. A list won’t necessarily help you get things done – and even if it does, it may still not be working Read More
Venture capital — capital investments made by either private investors or investment firms — focus on giving new businesses the money they need to grow rapidly. Of course, venture capitalists expect a profit from their investments; they look carefully for companies with a potential for major growth so that they can realize a profit during an IPO or sale of the company. Most venture capital investments are made in exchange for shares in the company. Venture capital can be an option for certain small businesses, although not all companies are a good fit Read More
Selling your business may be your ultimate goal when you start the company, or it may be a decision you come to after years of running it. Either way, you want to be able to smoothly transition your business to a new owner when the time comes. That can take planning Read More
Are you a plate spinner? No, really – I’m not talking about literal plates floating around in the air; I’m talking about the personality profile called a “scanner” by Barbara Sher in her book, Refuse to Choose. I fought, argued, and wrestled with lots of different productivity suggestions, some from my peers and friends, and others from the tips in widely regarded productivity systems, like GTD. But it wasn’t until a very close confidant pointed me in the direction of Refuse to Choose did I really find my groove Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!