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I’m not suggesting drafting your children, if you have them, into doing work for your business. Instead, it’s time to consider the role of family in your branding Read More
Legally speaking, you can ask just about anything at a job interview. But there are plenty of questions that you should never actually ask, because they'll quickly come back to haunt you. If you ask a question that could be interpreted as discriminatory and then choose not to hire the interviewee, it can be very easy for that interviewee to say that he or she didn't get the job due to discrimination Read More
There is discrimination out there that you will face as a business owner, whether you operate online or off. It’s not just a question of gender, either. There is still discrimination on the basis of anything that may set each of us apart. Changing names is no guarantee that you won’t run across a client with a problem based on your pseudonym Read More
Over the course of the day, you do a lot of communicating — from making phone calls to sending emails, it may seem like all you ever do is communicate. And, for some of you, that’s absolutely the case. However, there are ways to streamline how you communicate by outsourcing different aspects — such as managing contacts, answering phone calls, and clearing your inbox — to the many professionals and tools at your disposal Read More
If you’re struggling to produce quality content and promote your site, the answer might be to hire a freelance writer. Read More
The tasks that make up an inbound marketing strategy are known more for requiring constant attention than some of their outbound counterparts. With a trade show, for instance, you’ve got some prep work to do, but once the show is over you can relax. With a blog, though, you have to keep adding new content at the very least. Working with a virtual assistant who specializes in that sort of work can Read More
There are ways to minimize the tax burden that goes along with selling a business, allowing you to keep more of the money you've earned over the years. Read More
I know there are some creative writers around here and, while it’s short notice, this contest may be up someone’s alley. There’s only a few days left before your tax return needs to be in the IRS’ hands — but if you’ve got a great reason why your 1040 won’t be ready, Outright is offering a chance to win $500. The absolute best excuse wins. Read More
Threaded conversations have become a popular way of managing information online: threaded comments and email make it easier to keep track of conversations. Threadbox takes that threaded structure and applies it to the process of managing projects and teams. Unlike traditional project management tools which have tasks, files and other information across different pages, Threadbox creates a time-st Read More
Negotiate the aspects of creative projects, from price to scope.If you need some plumbing done on your office, you can just find a plumber who works in your area and ask him to tackle the problem. Sure, there are some pieces of plumbing work that can require more than average skill, but most days, you don’t have to negotiate a rate to bring in your preferred plumber. He cites a price and you pay Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!