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As a business owner, there are certain documents that you just have to have. From tax returns dating back seven years to client records stretching back to the beginning of your business, you can wind up with more files than you have room for in your filing cabinets. There are probably records in there that you can do without, but how do you know what to get rid off? Read More
On the surface, it seems like owning a business only makes your personal finances more complicated. You have to deal with more paperwork when tax season rolls around and you have to keep books for your business. But while the financial paperwork does increase, having a business of your own can make a big difference in your personal finances in a positive way. Read More
A good password has to balance security with our ability to remember it, because minimizing the number of places that a password is written down or otherwise recorded is a good idea. It’s a tough line — the most memorable passwords are the easiest to crack, while the most secure are a jumble of characters that are impossible to recall. But there are some steps you can take to create a reasonably Read More
Most business are used to offering just a few payments options: Cash is always acceptable. Checks are usually good. Credit cards are more common than they used to be, and are just about the only option if you want to accept payments by phone. But not all businesses have added an online payment option. With more and more of the purchasing process taking place online, though, it's becoming an impor Read More
The due date for federal income tax returns is around the corner. If you haven't gotten on top of your taxes, these last minute tax tips can help you meet that April 15th deadline without a problem with the IRS. Read More
When you're running a small business, it may seem like deciding between cash and accrual accounting is just one more thing on the long list of things you need to get done. But the fact of the matter is the decision on which accounting method you're going to use makes a difference in something as simple as how you do your taxes and can have long-lasting effects beyond the end of the year. Read More
You probably have a personal email address. You probably have another one for work. You may even have a couple of others - maybe you're responsible for handling a company-wide email address, or perhaps you have one you only use for online shopping. Having to switch between each of these addresses to handle your email each day can take up a lot of time. Luckily, with Gmail, you can bring all your Read More
Chris Brogan’s new book, “Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online,” offers bite-sized chunks that will allow you to make the most of social media, whether you fit into one of the categories above or you have a different set of problems. Each section is short — the book is 337 pages, divided into 87 different sections — but that structure elevates it from a how-to manual Read More
Getting a want ad just right can be tough. You need to get enough responses that you can find the best person for the job, but you don't want to sort through off topic responses. Read More
The new edition of the book isn’t just a rehash of old content. Scott has extensively rewritten the book, updating it to accurately reflect the latest opportunities to connect with buyers online. When the first edition came out, Twitter didn’t exist and Facebook was still very limited — you needed a .edu email address to sign up. Scott has also pulled in new examples, many of which came from peop Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!