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One needs to churn several thousand words a day to keep their blog afloat.

Why do we need to do this?

To grow an audience on your own blog, you need to capture that audience from places that are already active. Platforms like Linkedin have 364 Million registered users! Don’t you want to get Read More
There is now this whole new genre of podcasting referred to by experts as the “narrative podcast”.

What is this big idea? I like to think of it as a hybrid between podcasting and storytelling (with an almost film-like quality of voice and story and background scores).

The idea is to get the b Read More
There’s a lot of hype and misunderstanding about this new term called “Intelligent Content”.

Is it content that’s smarter in language and tone or depth of knowledge? Is it smarter because it gets you to rank higher on Google? Is it content that’s somehow automated? Is it content that tickles the Read More
Are you looking for some inspiration to kick start your day?

Not feeling motivated enough?

Need to drag yourself to work on another Monday morning.

No worries! Here’s 35 of the Most Powerfully Inspirational Quotes to help you along the way. Read More
You’d be surprised how many of the biggest and best brands frequently fail to deliver on the simplest of online customer expectations … and easily create a never-to-be-repeated customer experience online.
All the careful content and social marketing, and the strategy to automate for better nurtur Read More
Typically most brand marketers segment their email lists by one of two old ways: one, they may segment them by area of interest; or two, they may segment them by their stage in the purchase journey. Both these methods are not wrong, but there are now some new and very important criteria by which yo Read More
Everyone loves a good quote! Or, at least everyone should. Otherwise Shakespeare died in vain.

The following is a list of top blog quotes from 101 of the very best bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of reading in blogs, interviews and social media. Read More
Crowd Funding is a process where plenty of people on the internet donates small amount of money for a cause or a project and raise a large sum of money.

However, that said – most people only donate money because they expect to receive a perk in return.

In reality, this pretty much makes the w Read More
Your brand, company or even personal reputation online takes effort to create via a deliberate proactive PR strategy.

After that you need attentive monitoring, risk management, commitment and attention. But as some brands know, despite all the care taken, one wrong step is all it takes to wreak Read More
In today’s global market, design is very important, especially consumers’ eyes. Therefore, brands take on huge efforts to deliver their best possible image, in a way that will appeal to consumers - not only the ones they already have, but to new ones as well Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!