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Social Media. It is a lot of things.

For some – it is a connection. For others it is their life.

Status Updates starting with morning selfies to dinner food shots, from news updates to life events – everything is social media.

But you are not here to check out cat photos. No, unless of cou Read More
In almost every second article these days, “the most shared content on social media” seems to be the subject of interest, simply because more people want to see what others are successfully sharing and do the same thing.

But this begs the question: should you be doing what others are doing, if y Read More
Customer loyalty and the advocacy stage lie as two consecutive points on the buyer purchase cycle, but in fact their relationship is not linear.

Experts have found their relationship to be symbiotic. In the first place, every loyal customer cannot be expected to become a good brand advocate.

Read More
Brand storytelling is a contra process to conventional advertising. In this method of content marketing, the brand yields its place at the center of the script to the customer – and makes him feel like the hero of the long trek from indecision to brand-purchase Read More
The thing to remember about digital marketing is that you should aim to get the ROI not just at the end of the marketing process, but also at all the intervening stages of customer conversion – so that you know where your campaign is at its strongest and where it is leaking away your profits. Read More
Even if influencer marketing campaigns look like a good idea at any time, they are particularly powerful if they are used at specific times when your regular marketing campaign could use an additional stream of “stakeholder” voices adding to the brand’s persuasive communication. Read More
There are several tools, tactics and strategies that are used for CRO. This post will help you to uncover the secrets of CRO to get more conversions and revenue.

Every visitor comes to the site in order to fulfill a certain need. The site that satisfies the needs of the visitor wins and others w Read More
Fight for #NetNeutrality - Zero Tolerance For AirTel Zero and Facebook's Internet org project

Facebook has also come under fire from Net Neutrality advocates for their promotion of – a service which provides free Internet access to people in developing countries. Internet advocates Read More

Use Content Discovery Tools And Paid Promotion. Why I suggest using these because they can save a whole lot of time. Moreover, these tools also help to find possible influencers whom you can target in future. Read More
Guest Crew crowd speaking apps buffers the social shares like facebook likes, tweets etc. that are posted randomly and store them into the system. On the due date of the campaign - all the shares are automatically posted at the same time, which creates a huge buzz on the social media. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!