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In a world where consumers have more information and choice, the imperative for every organization is to make customer-centered decisions.

Customer journey maps are one vital tool that can help business leaders adopt this customer perspective. Read More
How do you use big data to turn an infrequent shopper into a loyal customer? Over a decade ago, Target had already figured this out. Read More
In the area of effective leadership, we face an endless barrage of information. Everyday we’re presented with cutting-edge approaches to getting the most out of ourselves and those we lead.

Yet, according to Peter Drucker, at the heart of leadership is a simple strategy of asking the right quest Read More
What’s the secret behind the success of leaders we admire? According to Dale Carnegie, the most essential ingredient for success is incredibly simple. Read More
Companies tend to trumpet all the benefits that they provide to customers.

Tesla Motors has a different approach, one that's allowed them to build a rabid following. Read More
I’m tired of loyalty programs.

For some strange reason, many companies have rewards programs that are overly complicated and offer little value to the customer. Read More
Book publishers hate him and his customers adore him. Whatever your feelings about Jeff Bezos, one thing is indisputable - he’s one of the most brilliant business minds of our time.

Over and over, Bezos has used unconventional strategies to triumph over his competition. Here are 3 business princ Read More
Companies like Google aren’t getting thousands of job applicants per day because they have cool offices. It’s because they’re doing things like running one of the most in depth internal studies ever.

You want to win the talent war? Focus on the Employee Experience. Read More

Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

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Running a business has completely changed my life. I don’t say that with a hint of exaggeration.

I cannot imagine life working for somebody else now that I’ve taken the plunge. Read More
The Stanford Graduate School of Business just published a fascinating interview they did with Oprah Winfrey. In it, she goes over the biggest lessons she's learned and how she built an incredibly successful talk show and media empire. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!