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The research of Catalyst.org, a non-profit based in New York, has consistently shown that the top 25% of companies with the largest share of women Directors on a public-company Board beat the bottom quartile companies with a return on equity 53% higher. Read More
It is natural, in an age of bailouts and government intervention, to denounce the actions being taken “for our own good” by the President and Congress, and write at length about what we shouldn't be doing. It is my view that people look entirely too Read More
Most people dislike negotiation. Perhaps it is because they do not like confrontation or because they lack the necessary negotiation skills. This can cause problems in business and everyday life. Read More
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been charged by the SEC with insider trading relating to Mamma.com. Read More
Barack Obama is the man to whom America has handed the reins of a faltering economy, including a crumbling real estate market. Read More

Negotiating Via E-mail?

Negotiating Via E-mail? - http://www.karrass.com Avatar Posted by JulieR under Sales
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E-mail is a common component of today's negotiations. It is, quite simply, an efficient way to communicate. However, e-mail brings new dynamics to your negotiation. Here are some tips on dealing with E-mail negotiations Read More
3 Alternatives to Promoting Your Blogs Homepage That Convert First Time Readers to Loyal Ones Read More
The Evidence Establishes, Without Question, That Republican Rule Is Dangerous Read More
Most negotiations start with both sides having a set of assumptions regarding what the other side wants, needs, or are able to do, or not do.  One of the purposes of the negotiation process is to discover if your assumptions are valid. Read More
Fed chief warns of lengthy slowdown amid job fears Read More

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