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Many companies need a graphic designer at some point. Unfortunately it’s usually expensive. What’s more there are not many good graphic designers on the market. Additionally you must remember about a computer and software licence. How to deal with it? Read More
Market knowledge, data collecting and data analysis are required in every modern business. Almost every company that I know (in the context of collecting data about their own products and competition products), is aware of this… but it’s only a theory Read More
This is the first post from the series of articles about price management at online store (and not only). In this series I’ll try to describe in detail how the modern process of price management looks like. The automatic price management process consists of some elements...

Read More
In our article we’ll concentrate on electronic industry, which is famous for its high competitiveness and low margins. Since e-commerce appeared and many stores fighted for a customer, using mainly lower price, the medium margin of equipment sales has lowered remarkably. Read More
No matter you want this or not – Facebook has changed our life. We visit this service every day – at home or at work, on the phone or on our laptops, but we do it. That is why no wonder that many companies want to show up themselves on this social network. Read More
Website positioning can take a lot of time, so we can support it with some additional actions. We can use Google AdWords. It’s Google’s advertising system and ads are here displayed above organic searches. Unfortunately, also in this case, it’s a kind of ‘exchange’. Read More
If you don’t have any social media channels for your company or blog yet, you should think about different plugins, which will help you to share content. Read More
The exact description of this topic is much more extended than I’ll write in this post, that is why I present you practical tips of making changes in your company. Read More
Do you already have your ideal blog and don’t know what’s next? If you can’t code and thus don’t know how to improve your blog, use different plugins. There are about 50 000 WordPress plugins now. We looked through available plugins and chose the most useful ones. Read More
It’s estimated that new products fail in half of the cases. The other estimates indicate that it happens in 95% of cases in USA and 90% of cases in Europe. Why? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!