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This year’s top 10 business analysis trends focus on leveraging the power of requirements at all levels through Agile and business architecture to deliver business value to the organization. We also expect to see business analysts being utilized in more robust ways, forcing them to take on new skil Read More
If a business analyst is to step up to the task of becoming a credible project team leader, she must have an understanding of how teams work and the dynamics of team development. Team leaders cultivate specialized skills that are used to build and maintain high-performing teams and spur creativity Read More
When it comes to adaptability, one things is certain; if you, as a BA, cannot adapt your approach for gathering requirements when something doesn’t go as planned (because all good BAs always have a plan), then you’re greatly reducing your chances of delivering top quality requirements. Two of the m Read More
If I had to choose—not that I want to make such a choice—but if I had to choose, I’d take a scribe over a facilitator. I can almost hear a chorus of “You gotta be kidding!” No, I’m quite serious. How many meetings and workshops have we all attended where there was a weak facilitator or none at all? Read More
Business Analyst Humor: Business Analysis Forecasting Methodology
Read More
Business Analyst Humor Cartoon: Use Business Analysis Buzzwords... Carefully! Read More
The Decision Model is at the center of a serious shift in the way we perceive and manage the business rule and logic dimension. So, this month’s column highlights the shift, starting with 2009 and ending with 2012. At its core are the seven observations indicating that a shift is happening. More im Read More
Business Analyst Humor - Cartoon: Business Analysis Requirements Workshop Pinging Read More
Whether linear or agile development approaches are being used, the Business Analyst needs to have a specific required point in time where the solution being implemented is checked against the original problem before it gets too far downstream Read More
There are capabilities necessary to implement Smart Systems, where business people manage business logic in a business-like and agile fashion, with highest integrity, and deployable to any and many targets. These are the requirements satisfied by a BDMS, not by a BRMS.” Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!