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A review of income levels for web developers and how experience and corporate financial management impact wages. A comparison of web development salaries across countries is also discussed. Read More
Personnel safety and management is an essential part of maintaining a successful data center. Although the center should always prioritize success and growth, the safety of personnel is a vital part of encouraging better production and maintenance in the data center. Simple rules and changes can en Read More
As any business owner knows, running a successful operation is all about the bottom line. So keeping costs down wherever you can without harming your business is essential. Staff wages are one of the greatest overheads in business, but second to that is the cost of premises and distribution. So her Read More
An opportunity to boost profit margin exists in the cloud. Cloud-based tools help businesses save money, streamline operational efficiency and improve business security. Other cloud benefits include remote location work, spam filtering and online storage. Read More
Cash and treasury solutions provide money related alternatives to businesses seeking greater access to capital, lower cost of debt and efficient internal financial operations; they are a part of the formula that determines how well run a business is. Read More
Whether you’re setting up your first office environment and need a starting point to test the waters, or your business has lost the lease on its current location, temporary offices can be as lavish or as basic as you choose to make them. However in a bid to get installed in your new environment as Read More
Many companies across Texas do not claim the R&D Tax Credit, which they are entitled to. This is due to the fact that they believe they are not entitled to this incentive. Many small businesses believe that in order to receive the R&D Tax Credit, they must be a large corporation with big manufactur Read More
Opening a retail store is a big decision and there has to be a lot of things to consider, think about, research and understand. You do not want to go into this kind of operation blind or ignorant. That alone will cost you the business before you even open the doors for the first time. Read More
ICD stands for international classification of diseases. It is used in the healthcare industry to facilitate insurance claims. More specifically, it details claim codes for healthcare management. Read More
S corporations are a flow-through entity for tax purposes. They have a unique business structure that allows them to be a useful mechanism in business tax planning. For example, avoidance of self-employment tax, favorable tax laws in some states and various accounting techniques help reduce costs w Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!