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Five Free Business Card Readers for Android

Five Free Business Card Readers for Android  - Avatar Posted by Todd Jensen under Resources
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Put your business card collection on your smartphone with any of these mobile Android apps. Each app in the list includes a feature-limited or ad-supported free version along with a fully-functional paid version. All of them can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Read More
There are many website metrics that your small business should track, some obvious (unique visitors) and some not-so-obvious (exit rate). This article takes a quick look at tracking bounce rate, country of origin, exit rate, queries, and mobile devices. Read More
Here are 25 more ideas on content marketing along with brief looks at knowing your audience and best practices. Read More
Curating content is an attractive solution to the "content is king" question, but it does come with some inherent problems. This article on Social Media Today takes a brief look at five different issue surrounding content curation. The problems discussed are humanistic rather than technical. Read More
A list of 12 marketing tasks you can do at the airport or during any other downtime. Tasks include catching up on social media, writing a blog entry, getting touch with vendors, analyze your web traffic, cleaning out your inbox, and more. Read More
50 statistics about social media marketing complete with links to sources. Lots of data bits here on branding, usage, technology, and engagement. Read More
Is your SMB getting the most out of Google? Google offers dozens of tools, some of which are not very well publicized. For example, did you know that you can predict website traffic seasonality with Google Trends or easily embed custom Google Maps directly into your website? Read More
An interesting article on the pitfalls of promoting a successful salesperson to a sales management position. It speaks about what drives a salesperson vs. what drives a sales manager and how those two different sets of motivations are not always transferable. Read More
A few do-it-yourself marketing channels that range from simple social media engagement to self-managed pay-per-click campaigns and affiliate programs. Some are low or no cost (social, email), while others can be quite expensive depending on how you use them (pay-per-click). Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!