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In case you hadn't noticed, the world of business is affected more and more by the growing gig economy. This simply means that the number of people with a long-term single-employer agreement is going down, and the number of short-term contractors and freelancers is going up. It's good for professio Read More
As a business advisor and former angel investor, I often get asked how venture capitalists (VCs) pick winners when they invest, and what to look for in innovative new growth opportunities. Everyone seems to recognize that existing business are very slow to innovate internally and often get overrun Read More
The best part of being a business owner is having the independence to make your own decisions, the flexibility for a better work/life balance, and personal satisfaction from driving change. But nobody said it would be easy. The road to business success is filled with challenges and frustrations th Read More
Most business managers preach that the key to success is holding employees accountable for actions, but I have found that successful business leaders are all about holding themselves accountable. They skip the blame and complain game, and make things happen despite major obstacles. As a business a Read More
In my business executive roles and mentoring experience, I have found many business professionals in the wrong roles, and/or very unhappy with their current positions. I believe much of this could be avoided by more focus on your career aspirations, and more diligent efforts on your part during the Read More
In this age of social media and world-wide Internet, message delivery from business leaders needs to change, just like the message changes from leaders in your personal lives. Just a few years ago, no one could have imagined getting text messages from parents, or a President prone to communicate vi Read More
In my years of experience as a mentor to business professionals, I have often heard feedback from CEOs and other business leaders that the loneliness and unexpected challenges from their new roles exceeded even their wildest expectations. If you have aspirations in that direction, I urge you to do Read More
Every business leader with a new technology tells me that his innovation will be industry-disrupting, meaning that it will render the existing technology obsolete, and create a new market. Yet truly disruptive innovations, like the smartphone from Apple and the rise of the Internet, are very rare, Read More
In my experience working with entrepreneurs and business leaders, I see that recent events and culture changes have changed effective business leadership from the top-down, unilateral, single-focus model to the collaborative servant model. Team members today expect and demand that their leaders be Read More
Every business owner realizes that change is now the norm, and they have to adapt their business quickly to survive and compete. In fact, the best executives seem to see breakthrough changes coming even before they really happen, and are able to turn them into huge new opportunities. In the trade, Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!