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What's the first thing every blogger have in common when they start writing their draft?
It all starts with a story, a message before the actual article starts. This strategy is quite handy, as they are able to grasp audience's attention. Storytelling has the power to pull audience back, by creati Read More
Savvy marketers need to re-think their content marketing strategy in 2017. Particularly, in B2B content as the internet is flooded with actionable insights from bloggers and small business.

Attracting the audience and bringing in subscribers is a skillset one need to master constantly. Learn ab Read More
Elli St. George Godfrey puts her contribution on leadership skills. She takes on to small businesses on how having a strong mindset matters to the success of an organization. Read More
Whilst the problem of defining AI in the best way has constantly existed; skeptics disagree that overly complex and lengthy descriptions, and too-willing communal claims of AI adoption, have characterized the AI contains something which we even don’t possess. Read More
SAP is one of the world's largest ERP solutions used by Technology giants across all verticals. Due to this, the ongoing demand for meeting business expectations is huge.
At Mail Prospects, we build customized database suited for all marketing platforms. Check our SAP count and data validati Read More
New media is more about video content. We have seen the YouTube sensation, followed by Facebook Timeline videos and Netflix. B2B Marketing has garnered maximum ROI on videos than copy content. In this article, we have devised 9 awesome video marketing strategies and why it should be utilized by mar Read More
The latest marketing buzzword to appear in the 21st century, it is projected that 75% of brands will make use of influencer marketing as part of their strategy in 2017. Read More
Flores is a WordPress designer and developer who offers a variety of services including design, development, blog and site coaching, content creation, marketing and SEO. She also applies that knowledge to her own blog,, where she shares tips about blogging and website management. Read More
Mail Prospects global business directory is a portfolio of business professionals, investors, users and customers who are associated with Industries in the USA.

With more than 27 million small businesses and 18,000 firms located; we customize data backed with source of customer data. Get a Mail Read More
“The quintessence of strategizing any brand is cleverly opting out things not to be done.”

Today’s witty marketers have left none of the marketing dimensions as unexplored. With high levels of marketing research and smart implementation of apt strategies, brands are able to establish well. Onlin Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!