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Both Google and Microsoft want your desktop running on the cloud and, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, they may just be successful sooner than you might think. http:// Read More
Nextcloud, the popular open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud, now enables you to automatically scan your files for malware before they can be stored in your private cloud. Read More
A big reason why we all use clouds these days is to save money from running our own server rooms and data centers. But, if you don't use clouds correctly, you can still lose money. Here's how to avoid those costly mistakes. Read More
Every few weeks, another security story appears saying how insecure Linux is. There's only one problem with most of them: They're fake news. The real problem is incompetent system administrators. Read More
Microsoft is reconsolidating its Windows team and maybe, just maybe, we'll finally see Windows patches we can install without praying first. Read More
One of the most popular password managers, 1Password, is finally releasing a desktop Linux client. It only took 10-years of users asking for it. Read More
If you're the sort of person who waits until you're sure all the bugs are out before upgrading, you'll be glad to know that Canonical has just released the first point update of April 2020's Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Long-Term Support: Ubuntu 20.04.1. Read More
Thanks to the coronavirus, we reply on the internet more than ever. By and large, it's held up well, but some underserved areas are suffering more than ever. What is and can be done for internet access beyond the cities? Read More
Not everyone wants to run Linux on Windows, but for network administrators, programmers, and AI and ML developers, combining the two can make a lot of sense. Read More
Everyone says their latest web browser is the fastest one ever. They can't all be right. I took them to the test bench. Here's what I found. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!