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A deeper look at the critical steps in the customer lifecycle to streamline your way to customer retention.

By the time the customer comes to you, they have already ended their search journey and they now begin their journey with you. In an ideal world, customers would find your product easily, Read More
The following article takes a first-hand look into the findings of The State of Product-Led Experience, a comprehensive SaaS report conducted by the Product-Led Growth expert, Despina Exadaktylou. In this extensive report consisting of data from 40 top SaaS organizations, Despina was able to uncove Read More
Looking at the status quo of the subscription economy by analyzing 1,500 “company years” worth of data.

The Zuora’s Subscribed Institute hosted an event in Munich to talk about the status quo for subscription-based businesses by looking at data connected to pricing, discounting, churn, growth ra Read More
Building your product management skill set goes beyond just knowing everything there is to know about your product.

In SaaS, only having the technical know-how for a product will not suffice if you want to succeed as a respected and valued product manager who a) knows how to be both a part of a Read More
When you think of the reasons why churn happens, what immediately comes to mind? Perhaps product problems, loss of a key user in the account, a bad use case…

Sure, these are some reasons why customers may churn, but the reality is that your churn rate is deeply connected to the quality of onboa Read More
A successful SaaS business model that leads to product adoption revolves around three basic principles: Value, retention, and advocacy.

Providing customers with value is the initial trigger of product adoption. Customer retention and advocacy generate growth without forcing companies to increas Read More
We’re living in the era of the customer, there’s no doubt about it. Digital transformation, intense market competition, the ubiquity of (ever-changing) technologies, the proliferation of products and services, and, of course, the internet and mobile technology are all dictating the way businesses a Read More
How do you tell a good story? And most importantly, why should you, as a product manager, learn how to tell a good story?

Let me give a quick example. I recently finished watching a show on Netflix called What If. The protagonist, Lisa, is the founder of a medtech company, and she is trying to g Read More

Modern Collaboration Tools for Project Management

Modern Collaboration Tools for Project Management - https://blog.userlane.com Avatar Posted by swarmcontent under Technology
From https://blog.userlane.com 85 days ago
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Even though project management wasn’t a fully-fledged concept until the early 20th century, it’s become, in recent years, increasingly more ingrained in business strategy. Completing a project on time and within budget means accurately tracking multiple tasks and stakeholders. Communicating effecti Read More
You have a great product. You provide great support. But one day, you receive notice that your customer is not planning on renewing.

What happened? What warning signs did you miss?

What can you, as a customer success manager, do to be sure that a) your product is being utilized to the fullest Read More

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