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The life of a business owner is a busy one. If I had my way, days would be 30 hours long and there’d be, like the Beatles sang: “8 days a week.” But there aren’t. So to help you stay on top of important small business news, information and advice essential to running your business, here’s my weekly Read More
Is your startup a good candidate for angel investment? If you can't answer yes to the four questions here, then it probably isn't.

Angel investors are individuals who invest their money to get a return on their investment. And these four questions solicit your answers on whether your company wil Read More
Effective internet marketing strategies for search engines, mobile and email to help grow your business from Entrepreneur. Read More
Small business internet marketing isn't about building a website and "they will come". They may only come after you get into the habit of working and posting on your web site regularly. Read More
Who knows job seekers better than GlassDoor? Their research provides regular resources for recruiters looking for insights into the job seeker’s mind. They conducted a 2013 study and revealed the top 7 incentives and perks that candidates are looking for in their next position. Read More
Ageism” has been talked about frequently in the news, especially in the recent years following the recession. It has gotten a lot of press recently with reports of workers in their 30s in Silicon Valley getting Botox injections in order to appear younger in an attempt to compete against “younger” w Read More
Today we've been talking about social-media policies in the workplace. (See "The twitterable Twitter policy updated" over at my new site, jayshep.) In my recent book, Firing at Will: A Manager's Guide, I covered the legal problems that can crop... Read More
Book authors want everyone to read their book. It's a universal law. They spend a year or longer typing and retyping words, and when they're done, they want as many people as possible to read what they've written. And I'm... Read More
Lets be honest: All of us have doubts that block us from doing things. It's even socially acceptable to talk about some "fear of failure." But "fear of success?" It's just as real. Being afraid to achieve the very things... Read More
Innovation and Creativity permeate the pages of business books and internet storytelling. Unlike Project Management skills or Financial Analysis, Creative Talents aren't a homogeneous lump of artistic, business-oriented goo. (I haven't the slightest idea where that line came from. It... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!