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Always the knowledge of news has empowered people. Overtime people have spend large amounts of money for getting the information first. From towers to newspapers, to telex, to telephone,... With each technology step, the And now the news is immediate almost real-time thanks to Twitter. The power of the news has shifted again. Read More
“You can rank with bad content, but good content will keep you ranked.” comments Justin (SEO Zombie) on the blog post “As It Turns Out, Content Is King” by Court (CourtneyTuttle). Google and the other search bots will index content after it is published in order to show up in their search results. Any content will show up in search results. T Read More
Any salesman starting in a new business has 2 jars: - The Jar of Luck - The Jar of Experience At the start the Jar of Luck is full, whereas the Jar of Experience is empty. Then he starts using ... Read More
Currently in business to business email marketing seems the best thing to do during this recession as it has a low cost to operate and can generate new leads. Email marketing is about: email addresses and emails. How to find new email addresses Read More
You need attention for your product or service? Why not let people compete for a job related to your product or service? Read More
Google Analytics is well know. Website visitor identification web services are less known. Google Ananlytics is for improving your website. Website visitor identification services will help sales and marketing for lead generation and customer retention. Learn about the difference. Read More
The funnel has become a cylinder inviting leads at one end, who become customers at the other end. During their journey through the cylinder your marketing and sales need to feed them and exchange concepts, strategic ideas and insights to move them further towards to their purchase decision. Read More
Instead of a data entry and reporting system, the CRM needs to change into an aggregator of data from different sources. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!