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Beginning Monday Oct. 23, NextCon 17, the event held annually by cloud communications company Nextiva, has narrowed its focus this year. In stead of being just another business conference, the company has decided to tweak its event to target the topic of improving customer experience. Here is more Read More
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is freezing funds headed for small businesses engaged in the research of greener energy alternatives. Do you think Perry should release the money to these businesses so it can be used as intended. Read More
Not every small business needs to be on social media and even fewer need to be on Snapchat. But if your business is targeting young people, you might want to take notice. Snapchat began infamously as a one-to-one mobile messaging app known for sexting — because its messages disappeared in seconds — Read More
Manhattan’s escalating rents rank among the top complaints from the borough’s small businesses, but it is an arcane tax on rent that really rankles some independent entrepreneurs. Now, some are hoping that relief is in sight, in the form of a bill that City Council members plan to introduce at the Read More
With the new year just around the corner, you may be ready to wipe the slate clean and take the first steps into future with the hopes of doing things a little better this year. Perhaps your resolution is to eat healthier, or to save money, or maybe it’s to better your business. Read More
Is your business ready to a launch a new product or service? Seth Godin gives some pointers about how to handle that launch. There are amateur launch meetings and professional launch meetings and Godin explains the features of both...and how to handle both. Read More
Online prankster SA Wardega has created a video that again demonstrates the potential power of online viral marketing. Wardega dressed his dog Chica as a giant spider and had him chase pedestrians at night. The result is an irresistible YouTube sensation that has already racked up 86 million page v Read More
Does your LinkedIn profile make it look like you're hiding something? Five quick, essential updates. Read More
If you regularly travel and make presentations connected with your small business, you may be acquainted with this challenge. Suppose the location where you are presenting isn't equipped with the latest in tech making a video or PowerPoint presentation difficult or impossible. Now you can carry you Read More
Here's a roundup of tactics and strategies to help your small business thrive not only on Black Friday but on Small Business Strategy as well. Take a look at the some of the news, suggestions and resources offered. Can they be applied to your small business? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!