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Last week Seth Godin posted a brilliantly incisive post on the power of Doubt! Titled, The benefit of the doubt, he brought into focus, in my view, why we fail to move people. In his words: “The crowd likes the songs from the singer they came to hear, not the unknown opening act." See my 10 actions Read More
Some of these may surprise you but I believe everyone of them is a myth. Number 1? It’s all about profitability. It’s not. It’s about positive cash flow. You go bust through lack of cash, not profit. Read More
There was a great article last week in the WSJ – H-P Overhaul Shows Promise by Spencer Ante. I’ve summarized below some great takeaways to consider for smaller companies. Read More
A recent Gallup poll announced that worldwide only about 13% of the workforce is engaged in the work they do. Engaged? As Gallup puts it: psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations. Can you change your company's rhythm? Read More
A new M&A report was issued last week from the International Business Broker Association (IBBA), Pepperdine Private Capital Market Project and M&A Source highlighting the latest US activity. Thanks to Rose Stabler for the heads up. Read More
In creating this free e-book we wanted to drive to the heart of how entrepreneurs can create value. We wanted to create a practical, no-nonsense guide to the process of building value, how value is perceived by acquirers, and of course how to crystalize cash. Read More
There’s a tsunami of data coming at you: emails, texts, invitations, workshops, invitations for coffee, blog posts, WSJ articles, radio shows clips from NPR, reports, surveys. How do you keeps things moving forward? How do you stop missing things? Read More
To do your best work you need to focus. You need to master your craft. To be the best in your market, the best in your region, the best in the world requires a mental discipline few possess. I’ve always been competitive. This post examines the mental game behind business success. Read More
Whether you are about to dive into your new financial year or are half way through it, it’s likely that you created a financial plan to aim at. But the achievement of financial plans has nothing to do with the financial numbers. Read More
I’d like to share a simple technique I’ve deployed to help trap movement across many different types of projects. I’ve used this simple table to measure the speed of movement in sales pipelines, recruitment projects and acquisition strategies. You can think of many more I’m sure. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!