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So, you want to become a successful blogger.


That is the smartest decision you have ever made.

Trust me.

Blogging will change your entire life.

It changed mine.
I started my blogging journey at the beginning of 2011.

Prior to this new online journey, I was a miserable co Read More
Do you think the rise of AI will erase your job? If you visit the website Will Robots Take My Job?  You can enter your profession. Then you will be told how likely it is your role will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

It’s a worrying glimpse into the future. This website shows how much te Read More
All systems down. And all hands on deck.
Because of that 8 weeks ago the need for agile, yet highly focused entrepreneurial thinking became an immediate demand. The importance of which is superseded only by the need to identify, mobilize and lead that type of collective genius.

However, traditi Read More
Advice on starting an online business from 7 experts.

Discover the best tips to help you start your own online business today! Read More
Adventures on the Blog Transformation Highway are about to get kicked into high gear in the pursuit of creating a resource-rich blog content hub for your business.

While business and marketing are fun, when it comes to the content of your blog, there’s a big job it shoulders in attracting and en Read More
Brand24 is a social listening tool I learned about over on the Quora network a few years ago.

Not only does Brand24 monitor your social mentions but they monitor anything mentioned with your name or company name on the web including podcasts now!

In addition to mentions they also give each me Read More
One of the first and most fundamental ingredients Conscious Leaders use to build powerful teams and healthy cultures is Trust.

Very simply, without Trust there is no leadership. Therefore establishing Trust at all levels throughout the organization, above you, below you and beside you, is essent Read More
Designing a course that represents a journey seems like a perfect way to reflect the transformation to your blog, and ultimately, to your business— that’s the goal in mind.

But, constructing a course blueprint that’s original, unique, and seamless in mixing a fun course process with real-life pr Read More
In this guide, you will learn what HTML sitemaps are and how to use them to boost your site’s SEO.

Ready to learn and improve your site in a quick and easy way?


Let’s go! Read More
Ever wonder how to earn Free Bitcoin? Bitcoin or BTC, the digital currency is becoming more and more popular despite Government and Institutional battles to quench it.

The Cryptocurrency industry as a whole is gaining more grounds, spreading into different sectors of our societies. Not giving so Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!