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No one likes getting random solicitations from telemarketing companies trying to sell them crap they already have or don't need.  And yet, they keep calling and keep calling and calling.  Don't you ever wonder why? Yes, some companies sell your information to others and that's how they have your co Read More
If you're a service based business provider (B2B), you already know how challenging it is to find new clients.  Even harder if you're relying on them finding you.  Forget about your website, forget about your online and offline marketing tactics, standing out in the sea of all others, is the equiva Read More
We always want to have more experience than what our clients expect. And much of the time we can forget how much experience and knowledge we've collected over the years, focusing our expertise by when we started our business. But our knowledge base and understanding extends much further than that Read More
Every business, no matter how small, large, the employee size, industry type or location should create for itself a media kit.  If you don't know what a media kit is, think of it as a business' résumé -- it highlights the accomplishments, the goals and the journey of the business.  It tells the bri Read More
Everyone gets rejected.  Everyone has been rejected.  If you haven't been rejected just yet (wait for it) you are one lucky S.O.B. and the best way to win friends and influence others is to keep that little annoying tidbit to yourself.  For the rest of you out there, I know you all know rejection a Read More
Social Media.  Not whatever else you were thinking... (cochinos!) Groups, to be exact... on LinkedIn.  No longer the underdog to keep a watchful eye on, LinkedIn is the number on professional social media network every professional should be log onto.  I first created my LinkedIn account in college Read More
Social media isn't your problem.  You think it's your problem, but it really isn't.  If someone sat you down and showed you how to set of a few platforms, upload videos and photos, schedule posts, ask for likes and comments, and return the favor, you could do it.  It is much simpler than what busin Read More
I remember as a child I wanted to be an artist.  I had my heart set on creating beautiful pieces that people would admire and talk about.  At one point, I even wanted to work at Disney, because they had wonderful artists that made movies come to life (mind you, I was 7 then and… Read More
I had one of the most awful experiences at a BestBuy store this past Saturday.  I went into their Geek Squad Center here in the Los Angeles area to have my little Toshiba netbook repaired.  When I say little, I mean little -- it's a 10" screen but it serves its purpose as my backup computer. … Read More
In the early, early days of business, I would rush to answer every question a client had and try to appease all their concerns. I was basically begging for their business. But that feeling of being interrogated by people who weren’t even guaranteed to use my services started to turn into resentm Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!