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Job interviews can be strenuous on your nerves, causing all levels of anxiety and self-doubt. The constant threat of “is there lettuce in my teeth ?” and “Oops, I just spat when I spoke !” is enough to deal with, but when you add the worry of “I wonder if I passed the interview” to the mix you are Read More
Freelancing – often discounted by those seeking to make a living online. In reality, though, the majority of us are freelancers. At least all of us who make money without being an employee.

I have learned some hard lessons during my *gulp* freelancing career. In all honesty, I used to be a bad f Read More
When it comes to working at home, there is a belief that real jobs that offer a fair salary do not exist. And that’s assuming you can even find work for a company that seeks home workers.

Here’s my prediction: The year 2014 and even into 2015 may be the best time to snag that coveted work at hom Read More
What would you do if you suddenly found yourself without work? What if your most profitable client has moved on or the company you work for has dried-up?

These are questions we don’t think about – but we should. Building a client base or working for a seemingly stable company can slip through y Read More
We working moms should be proud of our efforts. In a recent research study, working moms – those who have children under the age of 18 - are either the sole or primary source of income in 40% of households.

So Why This Trend in Working Moms as the New Breadwinners? Read More
Well crap, today started out like every other day until you found yourself joining the ranks of the unemployed. You’ve been canned. Sucks, I know. What now ? After going through the full spectrum of emotions, you realize something must be done. A new job ? Sit and mull it over for a while ? Read More
The single most important factor in successfully switching from full-time employment to a home based entrepreneur is not starving to death. After that comes staying warm and dry, and truthfully, becoming financially secure.

But during the transition you will be faced with hurdles and priorities Read More
Can women learn from a man’s way of thinking when it comes to business decisions? Women tend to develop business relationships after a personal relationship is sparked. Men shoot from the hip. Their main goal is creating a business relationship that gives them the upper hand. Read More
The thought of being able to secure work at home employment (WAHE) has become increasingly more prominent in the minds of many. We are hearing of – and witnessing – many employers laying-off employees or drastically cutting back hours. As victim’s to cut backs, many people wish to stroll down the Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!