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So where's February? Does the year still feel new to you?

Why do people celebrate the new year every year and what's new about the year? How does that impact your personal, professional and business growth?

Read this short post and watch this 2:08-minute video.

Your year can still be new! Read More
2 often neglected yet powerful LinkedIn tips you need to know about is discussed here with a 3:23 minute video.

If you are using LinkedIn (you should be), you need to try this out soonest. Read More
Want to connect with your LinkedIn visitors in their language?
You can.

Make use of the responsive secondary LinkedIn profile and speak to your ideal audience in their their native language. This creates instant connection for further relationship building.

This post tells you why you shou Read More
Who needs a call to action button on your Facebook Page? This post discusses how you can set one up and what limitations you need to look out for. Read More
Call to actions, these are very important for marketing. Do you use them for your videos? How do you do that with YouTube videos and Facebook Native Videos?

This post discusses the difference options you can us on YouTube and Facebook and shows how you can set this up using Facebook native video Read More
This is not a post on how to optimize your local business for Google search with “Google My Business”. It’s about adapting to changing customers lifestyle and helping them choose to walk into your local shop.

Is there a way you can anticipate your clients' move and influence them to choose you Read More
What happens when multiple people share the same post on Google+, particularly what happens in search? Which post will rank? Read More
You have heard that Google+ is Google and you are tempted to see what the platform is like.

But you want to ease in, no heavy duty stuff. What’s it like? What do you do in the first 2 weeks?

Here are my 7 tips to help you ease into Google+ ... Read More
Educators have been doing what marketers are recently paying more attention to:
- Using content to awaken awareness
- Educating prospects on what they need

There are lots more that business owners can learn from educators. Especially in this age where content marketing rules. Marketers need ed Read More
Setting up a website does not get you to the "first page of Google" neither does it get you any traffic. And you really shouldn't hire a webmaster when your site goes down. These and more will be discussed in this post. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!