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The Google home page reminded me that today is the 176th anniversary of Mark Twain's birth. So much of what he had to say about life is food for thought for the entrepreneur. I have chosen those quotes that make my blood rush with the desire to enter into a lively conversation, even if that convers Read More
This enthusiasm has directly created an estimated 750,000 jobs and influenced the creation of many more. Those of us with a tendency to structure, rigour and argument get to write about it. Read More
There are many who consider difficult economic times to have advantages for Startup Business. Richard Branson is one of them and his argument is the traditional one. Smaller, newer companies are leaner and more adaptable than more established organizations. Read More
On October 28th the White House Press Office announced "two steps to help businesses create jobs, [and] strengthen competitiveness" These two steps are to facilitate a faster time-line in bringing products from the laboratory to the market and to create a new business website to be called BusinessU Read More
Earlier this week I wrote about Startup Weekend who have just begun a partnership with Google and are running a number of events across the world this weekend. I was particularly interested when I came across a post at about five businesses which were launched as a result of a Startup Week Read More
Startup Weekend events are exactly that. Intensive weekend conference style events which concentrate on the launch of startups. The events, and there are a staggering number of them, bring together developers, designers, marketers, product managers and 'startup enthusiasts' with the aim to share id Read More
There are agencies and consultants to help with just about every aspect of running a business. The question is when is it right to engage one and what for? An easy answer might be when it is going to add value to your business but how can we be sure when that is? Read More
Every business is required to describe itself, it is an essential part of promotion. Creating lively, engaging material which shows a business in its best light in a competitive world is a challenge. Sometimes the empty page can seem very empty and if you try to fill it with perfect copy first time Read More
"Our study, Enterprising States, focuses on what makes certain states attractive places to locate, relocate and expand in this uncertain economy; the unintended consequences of cutting certain items from a state budget; and what types of investments the public and private sectors can make now to im Read More
Mashable was started by Pete Cashmore when he was only 19 and still living at home in Scotland. The Mashable story puts many of the essentials of starting a new business under the microscope. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!