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Data science is based on facts distilled from real customer information — there is NO better way to increase brand awareness.

Is big data just a big buzzword?

It is when you see it just as random data. But when you convert it to insights, it’s much more than a random trend — it’s Data Science Read More
How Google analytics and customer data can be used to drive growth to your online business by putting customer experience to work for you.

Google Analytics is a tool used in each step of a customer’s journey: from benchmarking customer support to gauging and assessing your customer’s voice and p Read More
Does your logo need to be redesigned?

5 clear signs that will help you know if your logo needs to be redesigned of if it's perfect just as it is. Read More
WordPress may just be the platform for everyone, but there are definitely things you need to know — like these 5 WordPress tips for beginners.

WordPress is the world’s leading website platform for a reason. Be it personally or professionally; people are reaping in the benefits of this platform e Read More
If you don't want to waste time, money and effort into creating a brand that fails — these 5 tips will make your brand identity design a success.

Developing a strong visual identity is not always easy. One little mistake, and all your hard work goes down the drain. This is why effective brand id Read More
Creating a food delivery website requires a lot of preparation & consideration into the appropriate business model. Get all the info right here. Read More
As a business owner, do you understand the link between your web host and your site’s SEO?

Find out if your host is undermining your SEO here. Read More
Why waste time designing the perfect Ecommerce FAQ page?

Because it eliminates confusion and purchase hesitation essential to improving sales.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions.

As the name suggests, it provides answers to questions that your customers ask the most. That alone speaks volumes Read More
E-commerce Logistics, the most important aspects to running a successful business online & entails management of inventory, picking, packing, & shipping.

Logistics in e-commerce platforms also entails management of inventory during picking, packing, and shipping of any orders made online. Ideall Read More
What are the best B2B plugins for WordPress?

They're the ones that make running your business a whole lot easier — here are 7 that will help you.

As a website owner, particularly someone running a business-to-business (B2B) firm, having a safe and easy to use WordPress website is very benefi Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!