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Washington does not own a monopoly on brinkmanship. 11th hour negotiating is an old business tactic. Here are 5 ways to circumvent or minimize the impact. Read More
When do Negotiations Begin?

When did your customer start negotiating with you? When we think in terms of process, we compartmentalize elements with defined boundaries. Separating the different "parts" of sale helps us understand and manage the journey, but buying and selling, like people are or Read More
Which is most important to your organization, quantity of followers or doing business with the right customers? Do you you know who you best customers are? Read More
There were times with clients when I felt like a mind reader, clairvoyant moments when I wondered if I was actually reading minds. You can develop this skill. Read More
If you want to build a community of ecstatic customers and achieve your revenue goals with a method you can duplicate, you need a sales process. Read More
“Should sales reps be paid more than CEOs, business owners and executives? My friend, Kenneth Manesse Sr. asked this question in response to Inc.’s article... Read More
You want to close that sale. The customer wants you to throw something in to seal the deal. You have authority to do so. “Sure,” you say, “Do we have a deal?” you ask. “Hold on. Not so fast.” And the sale drags on. Listen to this oldie I was reminded of as you read. Read More
Would you like to simplify and improve new business acquisition? Not only is it possible, but it’s relatively simple to do. In case you missed it, the tagline for this website is Selling Ain’t Rocket Science. Mike Weinberg’s book “New Sales Simplified” is easy for me to stump because... Read More
There are two approaches to business failures. Toyota blaming accelerator problems on driver incompetence is one way, and all too common. This is the worst method.

Ford recently discovered fuel lines causing fires in their 2013 Escapes with 1.6 liter engines as they came off the assem Read More
Early in my career, I suffered under the delusion that my job was to sell everyone. I tried relentlessly to turn around purchasing agents who sat salespeople in uncomfortable chairs until the sales rep begged for mercy and caved into brutal demands. I tolerated executives who treated... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!