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No matter what anyone tells you, cold calling is still King when it comes to lead generation and prospecting. All the Sales 2.0 articles in the world cannot overcome the fact that the fruits of your labour are ever so sweet when cold calling works. Read More
It’s not true, you’re not born a salesperson and you can certainly learn what it takes to become an elite professional, it just takes hard work and being honest with yourself. Read More
If you happen to own a SaaS business there’s a chance that you’re also offering some form of free trial to get the initial traction going. These trial periods are great – they’re free and who doesn’t love that? Read More
The hottest addition to the sales world right now is something called 'Inside Sales' or 'Sales 2.0', a process of selling that involves the sales team to never leave their desk and go through... Read More
Sure, an in-person meeting would be nice, but it’s hard to schedule a sales pitch for a San Francisco client if your company is based in Barcelona.

That’s where virtual meetings come in handy: video conferencing and screen sharing are key tools that can help facilitate sales with the click of a Read More
Why have a meeting at all, right? That's what we're thinking in the majority of "must attend" meetings which generally end up being pointless and a waste of selling time yet the managers assume that they are acheiving something. Read More
Whilst we would love to have easy to find jobs for remote work it seems that at times they are either too good to be true or incredibly hard to find. However thanks to Flexjobs and their solid efforts they’ve created this Top 100 list, which granted is for 2014 and it’s nearly over but it does give Read More
Trade shows keep getting a bad rap, everyone has it in their mind that they produce no results but cost a serious chunk of money. I can half agree with the general consensus but after a while you soon realise that the reason why they produce nothing is because the approach to trade shows are wrong. Read More
Remote working means you’re away from the office, which results in there being a lack of communication that could potentially lead to you missing out on some information or key pieces of data etc. Read More
Working from home is like going back to the snow day at school, the feeling of excitement that you don’t have to make the commute or put up with the stress is enough to give you butterflies. Instead you can wake up in the morning, take time to create a gourmet breakfast and brew that Colombian bean Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!