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Choose Growth and Success instead of Endless Struggles your firm has been facing. You didn’t start your business to fail. You dreamed of an exciting, profitable small business. Replace these 10 failure magnets with processes and concepts that will direct you to success. Read More
Developing standardized systems and processes allows a company to grow smoothly. Identifying detailed processes is an important facet of successful small businesses. They are 'How we do things -all the time.' Even selling products or services needs a process to define how to make sales successfully Read More
All small businesses want and need new customers. More customers equal more sales. More sales add to growth and success. Each customer provides opportunities for more word of mouth customer referrals. Don't leave it all up to the customer. Provide help to get them sending you the best customers Read More
Focused planning is a key component for every successful small business. Business planning, strategic planning, marketing plans and even short term project plans all count. Succession planning and retirement planning are especially important. A focused plan needs clear direction of efforts to grow. Read More
It is way beyond time for you to open yourself up to success. You deserve it, so welcome it with open arms. Success doesn't sneak up behind you, cover your eyes and say: “Guess who?” Change your mindset to one that attracts success. Stop making excuses about why you aren’t more successful. Read More
Customers are the most important element of any business. They represent sales and revenue to keep a business going. Small business owners asked if they have good customer service, the majority respond: "Of course!” One has to wonder if the answer would be the same if we asked the same of customers Read More
Building a successful business relies on a series of systems built upon trial and error. It is about learning from experience over time. There are, however, systems and factors based on 9 Powerful Principles of Small Business that can make efforts easier and success more gratifying. Read More
Business systems and procedures allow the opportunity to work ON your business instead of IN your business, constantly putting out fires. Systems of standardization improve efficiency and productivity. They provide freedom to leave your business,short term or forever, knowing it will survive. Read More
Social media trends. In 1997, a mere 20 years ago, social media was born. Two short decades of digital socialization radically changed lives and businesses. Who would have thought innovative advances in technology could result in such exponential change? Here are thot social media trends in 2018. Read More
Set and analyze SMART strategies to move your firm onward and upward. Think through your strategies. Identify those that clearly define what must be done to keep the company on track toward its vision. Use it to provide a visual format so company stakeholders can understand the company’s direction. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!