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Learn how to secure Small Business financing through the SBA. Join the SMB Roundtable and head directly how to secure much needed capital for your small business. David Sussman, CEO at VALCOR interviews SBA Director of Entrepreneur Development, Michael Chodos. Read More
Small business owners are asking "Is there a bottom in sight?" Simply put; No. In the decades Valcor has provided small business Debt Mediation services, the economic trends have never looked so disturbing Read More
Without the Washington Spin, what we can expect and how will it effect our businesses and pocketbooks. Great Flash Presentation from WSJ. Read More
David Sussman & Brent Kahlen were interviewed on KOCI Radio's Business Today. Issues on how the economy has impacted business, entrepreneurship, and the Valcor Licensee training program were discussed during this hour long radio show. Sit back and enjoy this insightful look into small business— beyond the headlines. Read More
How small business consultants are seeing the effects of the economy and how companies are coping with new economic realities. Read More
Since 1994, Valcor Affiliates have been trained and supported while running their own new financial services business. The Affiliates have learned a little known but very lucrative business service providing relief to small to medium sized companies suffering short cash flow problems. Brent Kahlen, Executive Director at Valcor Arbitration Servic Read More
With the current number of businesses in trouble, there are firms providing a little known service, yet highly effective service called Business Debt Mediation. These no-cost/no-fee service can now be provided locally by individuals who can be trained and supported by the leading company in the industry, Valcor Arbitration Services. Read More
Why collective mood swings in the economy can and will hurt you. Read More
Corporate Character about to be tested in a potential Public Relations Crisis for respected company. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!