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This project management article series are perfect for someone who wish to know more about project management, regardless of context. I will cover the basics of project management in a way which is easy to follow, set-up and adapt to your circumstances. To start it all of, I’m sharing my philosophy Read More
MailChimp is a great free tool for email marketing that I find useful for small business customers as well for my own activities.

If you are a small business owner and thinking about starting with email marketing - here is a quick checklist for sending out emails which I have created for you.
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No matter if you have a big or small shop, you should record you sales activities merged with your website performance data. This way you can predict patterns in sales, work on improving your website and customer experience and get valuable insight to work on developing everything from marketing, t Read More
I briefly touched this subject in my post covering Webbdagarna because I though that Tine Thygesen encapsulated this beautifully in her speech about how she runs her company – Everplaces. The term the new professionalism was something I first heard in an interview Read More
There are plenty of basic improvements you can do yourself when it comes to search engine optimizing your website. A lot of the work is (or should be if not!)simple “best practice” when it comes to website management.

Good organization and planning is half the job done. So therefore I’ve created Read More
Before I went on my holiday this summer I made myself a promise. Heart pounding and aching, pulse raging, acne at its worst due to high cortisol levels, myself quite puffy yet being on a healthy diet. Except the vast amounts of coffee I was gulping down, due to not being able to sleep. My brain chu Read More
A resource guide to where to find the information on what you need to know when considering upgrading your website and digital assets to reach further then just desktop devices: Read More
These are my best tips on how to finally write that book you keep dreaming about. They are compiled from my eBook project which I finalized after 2 years of first thinking, dreaming and then finally writing! Read More
I have a perhaps unorthodox view of what good project management is – and hence – something worth writing about. This “How to be a superstar project manager”post is divided in to two parts. Part 1 will focus on the in-house work you do together with your superstar team. Part 2 on how to deepen the Read More
You don’t need to have a vast budget to get started with online display. You don’t even need to sign a contract with any display network company. You actually have flexible and low-cost options you can explore on your own that do not require any long-term commitment.

This post is for you, the sm Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!