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The build-your-own-burger concept first appeared at a McDonald’s in California last year. The location that currently offers the customization option, a restaurant in Laguna Niguel, offers the option of using tablets to craft an individualized burger alongside the traditional menu. Read More
With the explosion of social media, it is hard to keep tabs on your online-marketing strategy across all platforms. These tools can help you do just that. Read More
Before you write your proposal, you should try to summarize your business idea or project in two or three sentences, then show it to a lay person and check for understanding. If they have difficulties understanding your idea, then you need to rewrite it until they do. Don’t start writing your propo Read More
Do you know that you can develop winning business ideas from your hobbies, talents or skills? Yes! That little thing you love doing can become a giant company. Just like the case of J.K Rowling; she became a billionaire with nothing but her passion for writing. Well, for those who don’t know her, s Read More
What’s the average number of new customers that come to transact business with you daily? Do you know how to attract or find new customers for your small business? Is your business experiencing difficulties due to a shortage of customers? If I were to show you some techniques that will help you fin Read More
There’s no marketing strategy more effective than a “free give away” to get people’s attention. It doesn’t even have to be great stuff. If it’s free, people will definitely want it. That’s why logo products and promotional items are a great idea for any marketing or advertising campaign. Read More
Are you experiencing problems in your business? Are you on the verge of business failure? How do you handle business challenges? How do you solve critical business problems? What are the exact steps to effectively solve problems in business? How do successful entrepreneurs and drop out billionaires Read More
Over the years, I have watched several companies; both big and small close shop due to unforeseen business challenges. I have seen giant companies disappear just because of a single change in trend or government policy. Now while I do not intend to list such companies that went down the road; it’s Read More
The issue of selling is a subject most entrepreneurs dread. All businesses thrive on profit and profit is a derivative of sales. Often, I hear statements such as: Read More
After giving the reader a good idea of the important trends and paradigm shifts in the industry, you will need to specifically point out your major competitors This means factoring in on not just your direct competition, but the indirect competition as well. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!