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Another pitfall (besides fear) in sales is lack of energy – indifference, disinclination. Lack of energy is lack of integrity. A person of great integrity is capable of enduring great hardship, and is therefore worthy of great reward. Integrity means hard work, it means head work, it means success. Read More
Sales professional is someone who invests in his knowledge, who reads magazines and web portals dedicated to sales people and attends seminars and conferences. A sales person who follows the trends understands how essential it is to improve him personally.Professionals are ones they know how necessary this is to start selling more. And of course – they are the ones who are earning more Read More
A trigger is a need to buy, an event that pushes you to buy the product right now. Not six months or a year down the road, but now Read More
Your mission as a sales person should be to find companies that have immediate wants and needs. This means that something happened or is happening to them - a move, a merger, new investors, etc. You have to look for any event that might create the opportunity for you, or better said you are looking for event that can trigger the sales for you Read More
Many sales are lost because salespeople assume they know what the customer wants. Sales people like to made assumptions of knowledge about what the buyer wants and needs, or sometimes more important Read More
If your prospect does not see the value in your product or service, and if the only difference between you and the competitors is in pricing, you didn’t do a good job as a sales person. Read More
No American can afford to treat salesmanship as a small matter. Why? Because the United States started out on a salesmanship basis for this reason: because only thirteen states were gained by war and all the others were gained by purchase and bargaining. Read More
Sherlock Holmes had a remarkable ability for finding out what sort of people he was dealing with, through powers of close observation.

The salesperson must understand his customer, and his understanding must be based on facts. Read More
There is an amazing number of people in the world who imagine that the law of selling (and business in general) is that one must make a profit by getting an advantage over other people. As a matter of fact, the very opposite is the case. Read More
The more you sell and the better salesman you become, the more you get to brag, the greater your reputation, the more you sell, and on it goes... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!