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I set out to uncover all of the digital marketing strategies that people use that are horrendous. Whether they are unethical, dumb, illegal, and/or inefficient they smell fishy. That is exactly why I asked the top digital marketers and bloggers to tell their pet peeves. Read More
In honor of the launch of my new Kindle Book, the Book of Tweets is now free until Sunday, March 8th on Amazon.

The Book of Tweets is for all the entrepreneurs who ever asked me what they should talk about on Twitter. This information is specifically for tweets you can post on Twitter. Read More
This combines two of my favorite passions into one blog posts: Internet marketing and history.

The tale of ecommerce is fascinating. I hope you agree! Read More
Harry S. Truman lead the United States out of World War II, and transitioning the country to become the greatest economic power in the world. Read More
Discover why Liz Strauss is a S.O.B. Also, you might want to know why that is a good thing in her business. Read More
I had the privilege to interview David Meerman Scott yesterday about how he went from dreams to success in blogging and business. Some of his insights into online marketing were developed in the nineties, and still considered cutting edge ideas today. Read More
We discuss how the stories of how Scarlett & Stephen went from dreams to success with a six figure business in their early twenties. Read More
Kristi creates content for clients based on research of their products and services. She also does some local search engine consulting. Read More
Discovered that e really does equal MC2. Helped with the foundation for string theory/Unified Field Theory, as well as the creator of the General Theory of Relativity. Read More
This week’s Start Up Gap Episode gave me the chance to interview Amy Baxter from Buzzy. She created an amazing product to help children and adults who are terrified of needles take the shots they need to stay healthy. Learn more about her story below. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!