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With every website doing its best to stand out in its industry, a bit of colour can go a long way to creating an eye-catching site. Bold colours can work well if they match a company’s branding, but some websites take one particularly bold colour and run with it – and the results are often less tha Read More
Not every website can reach the top of search engine results for their chosen keywords, but there are certain simple search engine optimisation (SEO) measures every website owner should take in order to give themselves the best chance. Find out how to avoid committing SEO suicide. Read More
We often talk about how it is vital for every small business to have their own website, but it’s also important to spread your brand across the web so it can be seen more easily. Here are four simple tips to help get you started with link building. Read More
As we’ve said before, simplicity is key when it comes to creating a good website. So while mystery buttons may sound intriguing, the novelty quickly wears off for a customer when they are trying to actually use your website. Take a look at these examples to see what we mean. Read More
When it comes to attracting customers online, it’s vital your small business website looks professional. Design is a key aspect, but there’s nothing that can damage your reputation more than sloppy spelling or grammar on a business website. Check out these examples. Read More
How did one startup with no solida product or customers raise $38m in funding - was it all down to hype and will it live up to expectations? Read More
The navigation or menu bar is something all good website homepages should have. It should be a clear, simple bar of buttons to take your users where they need to go on your site. But how many do you need? As with so many things in web design, less is more. There’s no need to have a separate button Read More
When it comes to website design, we think it’s a case of the more customisation, the better. This is why many of our designs allow you to upload your own background image. This can really bring a site’s design together, but unfortunately it can also make a site look messy and unprofessional if it’s Read More
With so many social networks available today, it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all. Many small businesses stick to the two most familiar social networks, Facebook and Twitter, leaving the rest to the consumers. These are certainly the best two social networks for small businesses, but th Read More
Unprofessional design comes in many forms — clashing colours, wacky fonts and cluttered images are all common on bad DIY websites. But in many industries where there is a degree of trust (professional services, medical websites), a dated website can do the most damage to a company. Check out these Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!