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Business professionals, including startup entrepreneurs, often travel to different cities around the globe for meetings, presentations, or other important business functions. However, the cost of accommodations can sometimes prevent these professionals from making the most of their travel opportuni Read More
This is the kind of situation that you will more likely encounter while being on holidays. It's a very popular rule that many businesses (big and small) still keep nowadays. The reason? I honestly don't think they know or understand why. It's something they've been enforcing for years so why stop n Read More
Last week, Tipp-Ex (a BIC product) launched once again their interactive campaign with the funny bear. Last year we followed the results for the first week of the campaign and also commented on some opportunities missed by the brand. Let's have a look at brand mentions generated for this second sea Read More
I recently went to Oman with my family in-law. It was a fantastic experience. Despite how different life is in this angle of the planet, my visit to the souk (Arab street market) reminded me of social media. I realised that the behaviour was the exact same as in any other local market ... Read More
I receive about five undesired LinkedIn messages every month. I got this one a few days ago that seemed to have a bit more work than the average. I felt bad for the person sending this message. He or she clearly sat down and thought about some creative lines, the ones that probably make you think, Read More
Last Sunday, February 26th, the Oscars' Ceremony was celebrated once again A type of event that generates a lot of conversations around the world so we thought it would be interesting to share with you some insights... Read More
When some professionals ask me for tips and advise, they usually focus on the very social media platforms. They are looking for tricks on how to better use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. As soon as I aks a couple of discovery questions, I immediately realise they have another problem: they don't Read More
Pretty often, we send or receive all kinds of different documents online and offline, such as proposals, branded presentations, training packets, etc. All those papers have a purpose. We would like people to do X when they read it, right? Here're a few thing you can try... Read More
You probably read many times how social networks changed our lives, provided us with a voice and made everyone a publisher but, millions of people and companies have joined social media since the early days. Do you already see a big problem for 2012? Noise. Read More
Before I proceed with this post and to avoid any misinterpretation, I will not be talking about your company's money vault. Other more qualified professionals can advise you how to manage your funds :) There are two vaults we need to open (or improve) in 2012 and more importantly, use wisely: Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!